Do-It-Yourself Solutions For Leaking From Tank Bolts

Do-It-Yourself Solutions For Leaking From Tank Bolts

Having to deal with a leaky toilet bowl can be really irritating. Just imagine how much water you can waste from this. Even if you only notice a small amount of water trickling down from your tank bolts, this must be addressed immediately. Life is too precious to let your toilet drama take up too much of it. To prevent any more damage to seep through from this, you must take action to bring your toilet bowl back to its former glory. By taking action, I don’t mean calling your friendly neighborhood plumber to fix it. We made a guide for you to do the toilet repair yourself.  Here are Do-It-Yourself solutions for toilet leaking from tank bolts

Turn Off The Water Supply

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the water source of your toilet tank. Once you found its valve, rotate it in a clockwise direction. This would tighten and shut off the water supply to your toilet tank.

Drain Out All Water From the Toilet Tank

After shutting off the water supply chain, you have to completely drain all the water out from the tank. Flush the toilet until there’s no water left in it. If there’s still leftover water that is sitting on the base of the tank, use a sponge or a rag to get rid of it.

Take Off Toilet Tank Bolts

Now that the toilet tank is fully dry, you can access and check the condition of the toilet tank bolts. In removing the tank bolts, you have to be very careful so that you won’t damage the porcelain itself.

Carefully Detach the Toilet Tank

Hereon, you can detach the tank off the toilet bowl. Make sure to use both of your hands because you don’t want to accidentally lose your grip on it.

Look for Any Cracks

Closely examine both the inner and outer parts of your toilet tank. Inspect for any visible signs of cracks in your toilet tank porcelain. Move on to the following step if you are certain there are no any impairment issues on your toilet tank.

Remove and Replace the Old Tank Gasket

The Tank Gasket may also be the culprit because there’s a leak coming from tank bolts. It needs to be replaced to make sure it is not causing the leak.

Change the Old Tank Bolts

Now comes the tricky part: installing the new tank bolts. To start off, put the toilet tank back in place. Align the new tank bolts with the holes and tighten them as carefully as you can.

Reconnect the Water Supply

Just like how to turn it off a while ago, rotate the oval-shaped but this time in a counterclockwise direction. Now that the water supply is back in the tank, perform a few flush tests to see if the leak is completely gone. If not, you can always call for plumbing services to have the job done for you.

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