Plumbing FAQs

To help you make well-informed decisions about your residential or commercial plumbing system, we have compiled a list of plumbing FAQs for you to refer to. Get in touch with Made’s Plumbing for top-rated plumbing services in Arlington, TX.

Plumbing services like a leaky faucet or drain cleaning can be attempted on your own as they are considered minor tasks. However, more severe plumbing problems like leaky sewer lines, broken gas lines, and others should only be handled by professionals.

Yes. Plumbing problems that are not addressed early can lead to dramatic increases in your water bill. If you notice a sudden hike in your water bill, it is probably caused by a leak in your plumbing system. Engage professional plumbing services to take a look at your pipes, toilets, hot water tanks, and even sprinklers.

It is not recommended for you to make use of a liquid drain cleaner to unclog your sink. There are chemicals in the product which may cause damage to your sink that is made of plastic, PVC, or cast iron. We suggest using a plunger to unclog your sink. If that does not help, a plumber has the necessary skills and tools to reinstate the smooth flow back to normal again.

A whistling sound in the plumbing system often indicates a leak. When water flows out of the leak, it makes that high-pitched sound that you hear coming from your pipes. You may need to replace or repair the valve to stop the leak.

If your dishwasher has been working normally all along but water is suddenly not going inside, there could be a clog or blockage. Professionals can identify the root of the problem and fix it so your dishwasher can function as desired.

When the wax seal around your toilet is damaged, bacteria and sewage can seep into your bathroom, thus causing the black mold ring. Many homeowners often try to fix this issue on their own but most often than not, they only tackle the problem from the surface. Plumbers, on the other hand, will remove and replace the wax seal to prevent mold buildup.

Discoloration in your water is often caused by hard water. This can usually be resolved through the use of a water softener. If your discolored water problem still persists after this step, professionals can help you figure out what causes the discoloration and fix the sewer leak or rusty piping.

If you have worked on water heaters before, then by all means you can DIY. However, without prior knowledge, it could be dangerous to replace your water heater on your own. Improper installation could cause leakage, low pressure, electrocution, and other problems.