When Do You Need Professional Water Heater Repairs?

When Do You Need Professional Water Heater Repairs?

Until your showers are ice cold, a failing water heater doesn’t seem like a huge concern. Every day of the year, the water heater operates nonstop around the clock. It should hence come as no surprise that it will eventually fail given the increased strain it must withstand.  Engaging a water heater repair service to rectify this is important. Here are five signs that your water heater isn’t working properly.

Irregular Water Temperatures

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your water will be just the right temperature while other times it is lukewarm or even cold? Inconsistent water temperatures are a good sign that there is a problem with your heater.

Invite a professional to investigate what the problem might be. Also, try to recall the date you initially purchased the water heater.  You can get it fixed if it’s still reasonably new, but if it’s too old, it would be wiser to get a new one.

Discoloured Water

It should go without saying that only clear, colorless water should flow from your faucet. High pressure can make it appear cloudy at times, but if the pressure is controlled, it should become colorless. If you discover that the water flowing out of your faucets is brownish, rusty, or contains some tiny dark particles, your water heater is the likely culprit.

Water undergoes a color shift and emerges brownish as a result of sedimentation. If this is the case, your home may present a major health risk.

Get the services of an experienced water heater technician to clean the hot water tanks, or leave the water running to observe whether the color of the water returns to colorless. If this doesn’t work, your tank might have rusted

Your Water Runs Out Quickly

Your water should always be hot and ready to use thanks to the water heater. It includes both a bottom and top heating component.A water heater can hold gallons and gallons of hot water at any given moment.

One of your water heating elements may not be functioning if you find yourself frequently running out of hot water.

The Tank Produces Strange Noises

When the heating system ages, a light hum may gradually develop into rumbling noises. Many distressed homeowners believe their water heater will soon burst, but this isn’t really the case. If your water heater makes a little noise, that’s completely normal. However, there is good reason to be concerned if you hear loud pounding, popping, or cracking sounds.

In such cases, you should contact repair specialists and ask them to examine your water heater to determine what the problem could be.

Leaking Water

Several factors can degrade your water heater’s construction and cause it to leak. As a result, water collects at the tank’s base.

This is highly dangerous, especially if there are pets, young children, and other electrical equipment around. Moreover, it could lead to corrosion, which might eat away at your water heater’s exterior and eventually find its way inside.

If you find a leak in your heater, have it fixed right away to avoid more issues. Choose Made’s Plumbing for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs! With years of experience under our belt for any kind of plumbing issue, you can be rest assured that your appliances and water system will be restored to working order.